Welcome to Baca/Prewitt Community

Our Story

The Baca/Prewitt Chapter house is located in Prewitt, a small community approximately 20 miles west of Grants and
about 43 miles east of Gallup. The chapter area includes the communities of Prewitt, Haystack, South Chavez, and
Blue Water. It is in the inner most area of Eastern Navajo Agency extending to the southeast. The southern Navajo
Sacred Mountain, Tsoodizl (Mt. Taylor) looms in the east.  Haystack (mesa) and other pinnacles and mesas make up a
dramatic panorama and foreground to Tsoodzil as one views it from Baca, site of the chapter house.

The Baca/Prewitt Chapter conducts monthly meetings to keep residents informed; residents have a forum to express their
opinions to their Navajo Nation Council Delegate or to decide on matters concerning their chapter.

Chapter Administraton

Sharon Loley, Chapter Manager

Vacant, Administrative Assistant

Ruby Hunter, CHR

Kirby Hunter, AHC

Chapter Officials

Cecil Lewis Jr., Chapter President

Cindy Howe, Chapter Vice President

Catherin Delgarito, Chapter Secretary/Treasurer

George Tolth, Council Delgate

Kevin Long, Land Board

Veterans Organization

Hoskie Kee, Commander

Hebrew Lewis, Vice Commander

Olsen Nez, Secretary/Treasurer


Catherin Delgarito, CLUPC President

Ruth Barbone, CLUPC Vice President

Valeria Dean, CLUPC Secretary/Treasurer


Baca Prewitt Chapter

Regular Meeting

June 14, 2024


1:00 pm

Open Positions